Hello world!

Hi, my name is Julia Henken and this is my blog! I’m a native of the Greater Boston Area with a deep love for sci-fi, fantasy, and supernatural fiction. I grew up watching Toonami on weekdays and alternating between FoxKids and KidsWB on Saturdays. (For those of you who may not be familiar, this equates to a huge amount of anime and superhero cartoons.) Though I’m now an English teacher, I’ve never lost this passion– I even got my Bachelor’s Degree in TV/Film (with a minor in English, of course!). I look forward to using this space to provide reviews as well as intellectual analysis or commentary on some of my favorite titles.

I was inspired to create this blog during a summer course entitled “Superheroes in Film” where I have had the opportunity to view and discuss a number of superhero titles (with someone other than my poor fiancé). With homework that consisted of reading and writing about some of my favorite topics, it’s been a great deal of fun and something I am eager to continue doing.

My first official blog post will take a look at Avengers: Infinity War— whether it’s my students or my local pharmacist, everyone seems to be excited about Marvel’s culmination of TEN YEARS and EIGHTEEN MOVIES, even months after its release.

This is just a quick introduction, but stay tuned, and thank you for stopping by!